If you're looking to save time and money, but still want to give your vehicle a good cleaning inside and out, then our Express Detail Package is the way to go. This package generally takes anywhere from one to three hours, and is designed as a more thorough cleaning than the full service packages we offer in our car wash, but not as thorough as a full interior/exterior detail. 

The Express Detail Package Includes:
• Custom handwash (including press wash wheels, tires and fender wells) and dry

• Pressure wash door jambs
• Vacuum interior, including trunk

• Detail dash and console areas
• Wipe down door panels and door jambs

• Apply P&S Velocity Glaze wax to exterior painted surfaces
• Clean interior and exterior windows
• Dress tires

Cars and small-size pickups starting at $140.00

Medium size-pickups, small/mid-size SUVs starting at $150.00

Larger pickups and SUVs starting at $160.00

• An extra charge will be assessed for vehicles with dog/pet hair, or those that have extreme dirt/dust.

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