Carcraft Auto Appearance Center has served the customers of the mid-Willamette Valley for over 35 years, making us the longest running car wash and detail center in the area. Over the years, we have adapted our services to meet the changing needs of our customers.

From a simple soft cloth car wash, to a quick full service cleaning and car wash, to full interior and exterior detailing, we can do it all. Our cleaning equipment and personnel can handle any ride, from custom-varnished sports cars to heavy-duty trucks.

Use the links below to familiarize yourself with our range of services. We look forward to welcoming you at Carcraft. 

Gold Detail Packages

We've taken the interior/exterior detailing package to a whole other level with this service. The ultimate cleaning and protection package for your car, our Gold Detail Packages will help keep your vehicle in near showroom condition and also protect both the paint and the interior upholstery, vinyl and leather with the best products out there.

Click here to read more about what our Gold Detail Packages includes

Interior/Exterior Detail Package

***  SAVE $30.00 ***


This package is great for several reasons ... First, it includes a full detail on the inside and outside of your car and will help keep your entire vehicle in near showroom condition. And secondly, when you combine the interior and exterior packages together, you save $30.00. 

Click here to read more about what our Interior/Exterior Detail Package includes

Exterior Detail Packages

Over time, trim, rubber, plastic and the paint of your vehicle can show the effects of repeated hand or automatic car washing as well as the effects of the sun and rain. With our exterior detailing package, you can be assured that your vehicle is being cleaned with the most-up-to-date cleaners, polishes and equipment, and that your vehicle's paint will leave our facility with plenty of protection from our clearcoat sealant or carnuba wax.

Click here to read more about what our Exterior Detail Packages include

Interior Detail Packages

When is comes to interior detailing, nothing beats an auto detailing service. Every day, your ride's interior is exposed to heat, sunlight, dirt and grime, resulting in significant wear and tear. Our experts know how to get to the hard to reach places in your vehicle in order to clean every nook and cranny to get your vehicle looking great.

Click here to read more about what our Interior Detail Package include

Partial Detail Package

Some vehicles just aren't in need of a complete interior and exterior detail and that's where our Partial Detail Package is a great option. This package will still shine up your exterior paint while also detailing the interior, but without any shampoo work.

Click here to read more about what our Partial Detail Package includes

Express Detail Packages

Some vehicles just aren't in need of a complete interior and exterior detail and that's where our Express Detailing packages come in handy. These packages typically take between 90 minutes and three hours, and still give your vehicle plenty of attention to keep it looking great.


We give you two options to choose from, either $60 or $100

Click here to read more about what our Express Detail Package includes

Interior Quick Cleaning Services

For those in need of just a quick cleaning of their vehicle our detail center offers the interior quick cleaning package. This service is geared more for vehicles that don't need a full auto detail and are on the cleaner side. The package takes about one hour and helps spruce up your vehicle in a fast, efficient manner.


Click here to read more about our Interior Quick Cleaning Services

Detailing A La Carte Services

Carcraft also offers a wide range of a la carte auto detailing services, from upholstery cleaning, to paint overspray removal, to waterspot removal, and engine cleaning. 

Click here to read more about what our A La Carte services


Below is a list of our A La Carte services. Click on the link above for pricing.


• Engine cleaning

• Clay bar treatment (to remove exterior surface contaminants)

• Custom handwash and dry

• Wheel polishing

• Paint overspray removal

• Waterspot removal

• Road tar removal

• Carpet/upholstery shampooing

• Leather treatment

• Upholstery protectant/Fabric guard

• Floor mat cleaning

• Carpet dyeing

• Ozone deoderization (for extereme odors and mold/mildew)

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